Meet our current investments


Bonumose is an enzymatic technology breakthrough for the production of affordable, delicious, healthy tagatose. Also, Bonumose has developed methods for producing more affordable healthy sugars, such as allulose, allose, and mannose.


Center Health

We at Center believe that one size doesn't fit all – your diabetes is unique, and so are you. Through simple logging, personalized insights, and a beautiful experience, Center is here to help you take control and get back to what matters most – living your life.


Hungry Planet

We believe if we take care of our world, it will take care of us. While food is the most basic human requirement, we owe it to ourselves, and our community, to eat more sustainably. Our daily food choices are a vote for a world we want to inhabit, and future generations will inherit. Join Hungry Planet® as we work to transform our food system to be healthier, more sustainable and just.


Tiesta Tea

Finding the right tea should be simple: what will it do for me and what does it taste like. By focusing on function and flavor, we make tea approachable and easy to understand. We created five functional categories based on the health benefits that each blend naturally gives you. And with a variety of flavors within each function, there are blends to fit every taste and lifestyle.